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Dracul: Thank you very mucho mi amigo! And now, i recently see how the "Whip" works in Castlevania DOS, i made that Soma can use that, but, he can't spin it like the other Belmonts. (I want to make a hack about Lord Of Shadows, with Gabriel) Oct 18, 2018 19:40:40 GMT
Dracul: Only Julius can move the whip when he's still. (immovable. Google Traslate plz) and i can't fix it with Soma Oct 18, 2018 19:49:40 GMT
Dracul: Do you know how to make that you can change your weapons, between whip and swords, and, can move the whip without make a bug where the swords moves? Oct 18, 2018 19:51:49 GMT
DarkPrinceAlucard: The only solution I can think of is to copy the effects and sprites within DSvania to different weapons between Julius's whip by using the GFX and palette editor to export sprites and palettes, edit them, and then paste them over existing weapons. Oct 20, 2018 14:55:09 GMT
DarkPrinceAlucard: Afterwards change the weapons animations to match up with the replaced weapons within DSvania within the Item editor. Oct 20, 2018 14:55:41 GMT
spiderlink12: Heya Nov 2, 2018 23:33:11 GMT
DarkPrinceAlucard: hey spiderlinke12 Nov 3, 2018 10:16:25 GMT
TheLV: Hi my brudahs, any good tool for AoS? I've tried DSvania with 0 LUCK (even with ALUCART set), I can't edit Soma's sprites with said tool. Nov 5, 2018 5:34:10 GMT
DarkPrinceAlucard: I always use Tile Molester for my sprite hacking for anygame, its hands down the best sprite hacking tool in my opinion. I still however use DSvania for locating the palette's values and various other things. Nov 5, 2018 7:54:30 GMT
TheLV: This is what I got , It should be encoded (like Castlevania 1 NES), so, there's a way to ''fix'' this? (I.E. a table pattern). Nov 6, 2018 4:02:48 GMT
I am Me: I cant run Molester properly on my PC, so I stick to YY-CHR Nov 7, 2018 16:15:02 GMT
I am Me: For AoS Nov 7, 2018 16:15:05 GMT
TheLV: YY-CHR? Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well, unfortunately, it won't work as I expected with those messed up tiles. Nov 8, 2018 4:47:35 GMT
Drameloch: I been so busy this days... I want to make sprites or something but sadly I dont have time :c, Im thinking to share some old works I make, Castlevania Characters. Nov 24, 2018 13:56:48 GMT
Drameloch: and I have plans to share some characters I made for Super Castlevania 3, since I think that project its dead or at least I think it will be for a long time dormin :´3 Nov 24, 2018 13:57:40 GMT
DarkPrinceAlucard: Well sorry guys for the lack of hacks on my part, work outside the net with the holidays and overtime hours has held up a lot of my time, going to be getting back to hacking in the coming week now that my job has us off for the next 9 days straight. :D Dec 22, 2018 5:37:46 GMT *
Drameloch: Xmas & new year will take most of my time (and some stupid things im working) hope really really to show some sprites I been working a little and hope you like it :3 Dec 26, 2018 20:21:10 GMT
DarkPrinceAlucard: Hey xombiemike welcome and thanks for the shoutout. :) Jan 12, 2019 16:30:54 GMT
Drameloch: I have a lot of problems with internet, If i dont say anything I want to say sorry, when all get better I will keep with weird things ideas I have :´3 Feb 20, 2019 2:59:07 GMT
TheLV: Np bro :P Feb 21, 2019 13:10:32 GMT