I want to share your works!!! >:3c


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mauk696: its is OLROX moded by me:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfPL2-0r7nk Mar 24, 2021 21:24:47 GMT
nanashi89: Noice! You should make a Boss Rush Mod. Mar 24, 2021 23:51:02 GMT
I am Me: make a thread & show your progress in WiP section, here it may go unnoticed. You doing cool stuff. Mar 27, 2021 6:15:25 GMT
mauk696: ok i made it Mar 30, 2021 19:12:14 GMT
Serbagz: Hey guys, v1.0 out now. Be sure to check it out castlevaniamodding.boards.net/thread/440/castlevania-dawn-dissonance-v1 Apr 3, 2021 1:31:55 GMT
kainreaver: What do I need to do to get a second star on my profile? I know I'm not the most active member but I have released two character replacement mods and a couple of wip videos. Apr 3, 2021 7:08:39 GMT
I am Me: make announcement post, here it may go unnoticed. Apr 3, 2021 15:32:38 GMT
kainreaver: Which ever admin did it thanks for the second star. Apr 3, 2021 19:09:41 GMT
StarWyvern: I met another CV fan at my local Wal*Mart yesterday. He said he just got through playing Drac's Curse. I told him it was my favorite retro. He said he also liked Simon's Quest, even as horrible as it was. I agreed that I too enjoyed the exploratory value. Apr 12, 2021 12:00:23 GMT
StarWyvern: Hi Anark00 and RedPack. Good to see you guys on at same time as me. It is rare. lol. May 16, 2021 15:49:55 GMT
nanashi89: Hey, how do I subscribe to a thread? May 28, 2021 0:59:57 GMT
StarWyvern: Easiest way is to type something in the thread you want to keep track of. Then it will always pop up "New" on the "Participated" button at the top right. May 28, 2021 14:48:02 GMT
Gerufi Kurusu: Or you can mark a thread as bookmarked to get a notification in your profile telling you that a reply was posted May 28, 2021 20:44:50 GMT
artsypencil: How do I speed up Glyphs in LagoLunatic/DSVEdit?? Jun 15, 2021 22:53:54 GMT
anorak00: Lmao, waait you can see whos online?? Jun 17, 2021 6:33:10 GMT
StarWyvern: Hey RP check your thread. Jun 17, 2021 13:40:16 GMT
StarWyvern: This chat box should really be at the top DPA. Nobody ever pays attention to it down here. :P Jun 17, 2021 13:41:20 GMT
Gerufi Kurusu: ^ Yea, maybe then it will get more use Jun 17, 2021 14:18:40 GMT
anorak00: To be honest i dont really notice this part Jun 17, 2021 16:03:14 GMT
DarkAidan95: ^ Agreed. It's a shoutbox, it kind of strikes me as counterintuitive to have a shoutbox at the bottom of a page. They can't grab attention if they're gonna be the last thing someone sees. Jun 17, 2021 23:21:07 GMT