Simon Belmont Sprites


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Dom Jurumela: Thanks, man. I'm just waiting for Dark Prince Alucard's response about changing his hack and I'll release it here as well, I hope you like it :) Nov 1, 2020 11:55:55 GMT
Dom Jurumela: I released the link for my little adenddum for Dawn of Symphony, now with Richter original sprites. It's in the same post of the original hack, in GBA releases. Nov 2, 2020 13:49:43 GMT
StarWyvern: Already got it, mind if I put that sprite in other custom hacks? :)) Nov 2, 2020 14:46:48 GMT
Dom Jurumela: No problemo, I would only ask you to credit me and Darth RPG for the sprites, as he ripped them and I edited them to fit Julius. Also, call me when you finish your projects, I would love to see them :) Nov 2, 2020 20:43:55 GMT
StarWyvern: Will do. 8-) Nov 3, 2020 1:03:28 GMT
StarWyvern: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 8-) Nov 26, 2020 17:11:48 GMT
Dom Jurumela: I've posted one more hack I made today, but don't worry, guys, this is the last one for now. I'm stopping to flood the forum now :D Nov 29, 2020 2:52:32 GMT *
Dom Jurumela: Creepy Christmas, dear vampire hunters! >:) Dec 18, 2020 16:12:06 GMT
StarWyvern: Alucard Likes Dec 19, 2020 22:19:55 GMT
TheLV: Thanks! you too @dom Jurumela . Dec 19, 2020 22:56:10 GMT
StarWyvern: Happy New Year Dungeon Crawlers!!! 8-) Jan 1, 2021 5:07:34 GMT
I am Me: Happy New Year! Jan 2, 2021 10:12:26 GMT
andromeda: Feb 2, 2021 20:58:30 GMT
andromeda: Trevor Belmont (SotN-Expanded) Feb 2, 2021 20:58:47 GMT
DarkPrinceAlucard: Finally finishing up 2 of my hacks for release today, stay tunned ;) Feb 8, 2021 15:11:51 GMT
StarWyvern: Awesome DPA! Can't wait! Feb 8, 2021 18:54:57 GMT
Guilherme Fonte Seca: u Feb 8, 2021 23:33:58 GMT
DarkPrinceAlucard: Hacks released but youtube hates me today lol, taking forever to upload so may be later before you guys see a video of it. Feb 9, 2021 0:00:07 GMT
andromeda: Feb 23, 2021 10:33:01 GMT
andromeda: Owl Familiar Feb 23, 2021 10:33:50 GMT