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winmillion21: meta knight in dawn is out castlevaniamodding.boards.net/thread/802/playable-meta-knight Apr 15, 2022 17:53:55 GMT
juninx01: Save game please??? Apr 28, 2022 13:57:56 GMT
shuan: Just uploaded an update of my Curse of Darkness mod! It includes Forest of Jigramunt and new mechanics, rebalancing, graphical changes and bug fixes. castlevaniamodding.boards.net/thread/773/castlevania-enhanced-curse-darkness-update Apr 28, 2022 20:33:16 GMT *
StarWyvern: Good stuff. Apr 29, 2022 13:34:23 GMT
StarWyvern: FEELS! Jul 8, 2022 11:48:36 GMT
StarWyvern: Are you here? Jul 8, 2022 11:48:48 GMT
StarWyvern: I see you DeDeDev... (:)) Aug 10, 2022 15:25:50 GMT
darkpanzerfaust: Castlevania aria of sorrow (Alucard New Story Mode) Help i got to the clock tower and there is no music and the npc don't move :/ Aug 16, 2022 1:47:58 GMT
ikusatatsu: This is a castlevania fan game made by me: castlevaniamodding.boards.net/thread/813/castlevania-tales-night-moon?page=1&scrollTo=6831 Sept 4, 2022 1:28:26 GMT
shuan: Enhanced Curse is 100% ready to be played! castlevaniamodding.boards.net/post/6284 Sept 17, 2022 22:26:26 GMT *
Mister Rysgar: Test two new features for the upcoming update. castlevaniamodding.boards.net/post/6857 Oct 4, 2022 19:16:01 GMT
den120: hi, about Aria. Does weapons animations have a set time to play? Oct 16, 2022 0:06:05 GMT
mauk696: CASTLEVANIA SOTN MOD REBORN NEW VERSION DOWLOAD IN : www.facebook.com/groups/769408230111138/posts/1782744312110853/?comment_id=1782803955438222&reply_comment_id=1782835888768362¬if_id=1669598496861301¬if_t=group_comment&ref=notif Nov 28, 2022 1:39:07 GMT
Mister Rysgar: Hack is not abandoned. castlevaniamodding.boards.net/post/6982 Dec 18, 2022 9:00:04 GMT
portraitofmalice: Hello there! The links to your mods seem to be busted as the site from the link so that the mod has been removed due to activity, I really like to try your mod out and was wondering if there are is another way to download it. Dec 23, 2022 4:31:29 GMT
StarWyvern: Hey DPA. Which hacks have closed links? I for one haven't had time to get on much since going to work full time. Jan 17, 2023 14:18:06 GMT
mazenk5456: i wish there is someone mod sotn like rondo of ruin mod where the main story is for richter and you collect stuff for him Jan 22, 2023 15:39:42 GMT
xavierbelmont: Mazenk5456 richter can't even use any of the weapon. but being able to use armor would be cool. Jan 25, 2023 5:27:41 GMT
mauk696: HEY GUYS...CASTLEVANIA SOTN REBORN MOD 1.4 FINAL IS ON...LINK :https://www.mediafire.com/file/9ahglx9wgdo5l26/SOTN_MOD_REBORN_FINAL_VER_1.4.rar/file , PASSWORD TO EXTRACT: MAUKMODER Mar 24, 2023 16:24:10 GMT
Rexius55: Sorry for the inactivity, but glad to see PSXvania hacking gaining traction! Currently working on stuff for Chronicles rn, no big progress yet though. Aug 26, 2023 14:48:06 GMT
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